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“Welcome to The Corner...” I said but this wasn’t a pleasant visit. There I was staring into a pair of dark and menacing eyes with a gun pointed at me. Everything around me had gone numb as I watched the man give his commands to me and my co-workers. I could hear my breathing, something like being in a movie.

“I don’t want no smoke so make this shit as easy as possible!” his voice was heavy and commanding. I cursed myself for not locking that damn door.

“This shit can’t be happening,” Chari mumbled with her hands in the air. I tried my best to give her some type of signal to make sure she was okay. I didn’t want to believe that this was happening.

The closer he got to me, the more I proceeded to panic. My brain and legs weren’t on the same accord as I stood still even long after his demand. I spotted the store phone to my right and so did he as he went to grab it and snatched it out of the wall, smashing it with his black boots that adored his feet.

His arm extended with the gun in it, “Aye, open up that register.” He pressed the gun to the side of my head. I wasn’t moving fast enough after I got it open.

“Look, I got kids at home so take what the hell you gone take and go, damn.” Chari told him talking shit. It wouldn’t be her if she didn’t talk shit in the middle of a robbery. I hope he doesn’t shoot her for trying to be funny.

“Who the fuck you talking to?” he asked her, but his gun was still trained on me. I heard him cocking it backwards and I closed my eyes and started praying. “Get the fuck on the ground. Up here talking shit like you won’t die up in this mu’fucka.”

My eyes zapped across the room and I caught my manager peeking from behind the chip aisle. This didn’t make no damn sense. Here he was, standing over six feet and his fat ass had to weigh a good three hundred pounds, and he’s got the nerve to be hiding. We were the ones putting our necks out here and he wasn’t even trying. I tapped the panic button that would alert the back office and so that Cody’s dumb ass could run back there and call the police instead of standing there watching this thing unfold.

“Go.” I mouthed to Cody and the guy turned his head back to me.

“Who the fuck you talking to back there?” He asked causing me to stiffen up. He looked behind him, but he was too late because Cody’s ass had duck quickly. The man tried to look quickly but he wanted to keep his eyes on us too.

I’m scared but I was annoyed at the same time because Cody was sitting here letting this happen. Finally, I grabbed all the money and lifted the tier so I could grab all the big bills too. Hell, I even handed over the checks that people had written for their purchases. He can have it all if that meant we don’t die. I sat it all on the counter since he didn’t give me anything to put it in.

“Put that shit in a bag.” He demanded, waving his gun.

“What bag? You didn’t give me one.” I panicked because I didn’t need him to shoot me for his own damn mistakes.

“Oh, I see, you one of them smart mouth bitches.”

“Who you calling a bitch?” Chari and I both asked and if this wasn’t a serious moment I’d laugh because her ass was laying on the floor with her hands behind her head, and yet, she was talking shit. A gun shot went off and I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see who he shot, even if was me.

Everything happened so fast like time stood still. I could feel my heartbeat through my ears. The sounds around me seem shallow. When I opened my eyes the guy and the money was gone. Chari’s face was planted into the nasty concrete flooring. I ran over to her even with my legs weak.

“Cha.” I called out to see if she would answer. I got down on the floor and began shaking her. I rolled her over. She was still breathing because I could feel it under her nose.

“Bitch is his ass gone yet?” she inquired peeking open one eye.

“Hoe.” I wiped my eyes and dropped her head on the floor. “You had me crying and thinking that you were dead, and your ass wasn’t.” I shook my head at her foolishness.

“When his ass let off that shot I played possum. I did that shit, didn’t I?” she got up brushing her clothes off. Her ass plays too much and sometimes I couldn’t stand her.

“Your ass looks like roadkill. Over here playing and shit with that man like he wouldn’t kill you.”

“If he was he would’ve been done it instead of wasting time. And I saw you.”

“Saw me what?”

“Who the fuck gets robbed and their pussy gets wet?” She retorted.

“Everything’s alright? I called the police, they should be here any minute.”

“Cody you talk all that shit to us but you don’t talk that shit when it’s necessary? I can’t take you serious.” Chari shook her head. It had just hit me that we were robbed for a second time this month, thankfully I was off when it happened the first time.

“You need to call corporate so they can get better security. This shit is sad that this store has been hit up twice in one month.”

“I’ve informed them. Let me do my job.” He snapped back. I was taken back by his asshole kind of response. How do you get mad for somebody asking to be protected while they work?

Just as those words left my mouth, the police brought their slow dragging asses into the store. And for the next thirty minutes to an hour, we were in an active investigation. All I wanted to do was go home. All of this is above my pay rate and although I had a gun pointed at me, I would live to see another day. We were free to leave while the cops stuck around the store with Cody.

Chari and I rode in her car since I don’t have one. That’s something I’m working on getting. When I smelled the weed of the blunt that she lit, I let my body ease deeper into the seat. Chari smokes nothing but the best. This weed was about to help me forget what we had just gone through if even for a minute.

A few minutes into the ride, my mind wondered about the mysterious man behind that mask. Yeah, he was rude and stupid as hell for thinking that he could rob a facility and get away with it but then again, that was a turn on how he handled that shit. Yes bitch, I’ve lost my gotdamn mind.

“We need to get up out of that job.” I told her feeling high as hell.

“I know but it’s not too many places I can go with that felony on my background so right now. I’m stuck sis.”

“That isn’t the case for me. I need to get the hell up out of there before I’m on the cover story of the news bitch. They might not even use my good pictures. I can’t do it.” I shook my head and Chari laughed but I was serious. I wouldn’t be a good gunshot victim because I’m extra for no reason.

I’m from and I stay in the hood but I wasn’t into all that. I stay to myself and I kick it with my girls and we go on about our business. It’s many people that know us but we don’t fuck with them simply, because we know that shit doesn’t go good when you hang with them.

“I want to get the hell up out of there and I’m looking. It might just take me a little bit more time that it will you.”

If she said it then, she was going to make it happen. I’ve learned a long time ago that Chari isn’t complacent. Her circumstances might be a little different but nonetheless, she’s a hustler and she makes shit happen.

“You really not coming out with us tonight?” Chari asked me.

She knew that I said I wasn’t going out tonight and she knows the perfect time to ask me too, when I’m tired. My answer was no and it’s still no. My bed is calling my name and that’s the only turning up that I’m about to do tonight. I love my girl, but she doesn’t have an off switch and I’m not built how I used to be, and she knows that.

“You’ve been asking me that all day Cha. I said no and yo ass need to be at home doing the same thing. And besides bitch we were just robbed.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Girl look my momma has the kids for the weekend, so you know I’m about to be out here showing these niggas that I’m my daddy’s daughter. And that little robbery wasn’t shit. That’s why we need to be celebrating.”

I couldn’t help but to laugh. Chari has two kids and she always makes time to party and everything else under the sun but she’s always hollering broke. It’s crazy but that’s my girl and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world.

“Lol, you keep on and you’re going to be just like ya daddy with his rolling stone ass. I’m good on going out.” I pointed my finger at her and giggled.

“Well, it’s in my DNA baby.” She popped her ass a few times with her tongue out.

We finished the blunt before we got to my house and by the time I was running my bath water, I was good and sleepy. I added me some lavender oil to my water and slid down into the tub while listening to Anita Baker’s Pandora’s station. Immediately I could feel the relief of the day wash away.

My mind was starting to relax but then that guy popped up in my head again. I remember the way his breath felt on the back of my neck, how aggressive he was but there was something else about him that I couldn’t put my hand on.

“Queen girl, you’re tripping.” I shook my head, but I found my hands in-between my legs as I started to massage my clit because of this man. I wasn’t about to stop something that felt so good. I guess I’m going to ride this wave until this nut puts me to sleep.

“I swear I need a man.” I sighed.

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